While learning anything, never be afraid of committing mistakes. Commit as many mistakes as you like since every unsuccessful attempt teaches you a new lesson and eventually leads you to a great triumph.#AKWords About

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This website "Read to Write" lets people learn collaboratively by sharing knowledge and skills. It is basically to help the people in the academic field since it is purely academic and does not contain any defamatory contents. Visitors and followers can find articles, poems, thoughts, presentation slides, grammar contents, etc. The blogger believes the content on the website will help them in any way.

In this materialist world, no one wants to confine themselves in a particular geographical region; instead, they expect themselves to move around across any (inter)national boundary making themselves a true and confident citizen of the global village. We know that this is a world of competition. People are often seen travelling from one place to another in a rush to earn a better livelihood. In such a rush, they sometimes succeed in achieving the aim, and sometimes have to face a tough time; and unfortunately, fail. There may be several reasons why they do not get success to stand confidently in the competitive world. Out of several reasons, one might be related to skills: hard and soft, that they lack. So, their failure disheartens them. Later on, realizing the demand and whim of the market, and their weaknesses, they wander in different directions: they visit counselling centres, training centres, academic institutions, language centres, and many more. These are the places where they feel they can develop and sharpen their skills to face competition confidently.

Keeping this reality in mind, Read to Write which is a common learning platform has been created by an ELT practitioner with the inspiration and support of other colleagues involved in the ELT field. This website brings contents basically related to developing language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing; insights of reading texts from the point of view of preparing learners to cultivate confidence in producing their own writings in an easy way; knowledge of grammar; skills to write different genres of literature; making them aware of syntax employed in various ways in the texts through the exposure of poems and the like. It has been and will be endeavoured in all respects to spark a kind of desire and interest in language learners to develop a reading culture first so that they could intrinsically as well as extrinsically be motivated to start writing at least scraps resulting in a perfect write-up later.

On the platform of Read to Write, the classroom experience of teachers, successful stories of teachers in and outside the classroom, insights of teaching approaches, methods, and techniques, presentation on topics in different formats (video, pdf, etc.), learning-oriented videos of the owner of Read to Write from YouTube, and the like will be uploaded to share with the concerned audience.

The target audience of Read to Write is especially those who are involved in teaching-learning activities. They can be benefited directly or indirectly through/by the help of the contents of several natures. This learning platform allows visitors to interact with each other through the comment section where they can decently drop their comments or viewpoints on any content on the website. They can also employ the contents of Read to Write as a reference, but cannot be reproduced, printed, used, or whatsoever by distorting them in any way without prior consent and approval of the author(s).

The readers and visitors of this website can feel refreshed and updated because they will have new insights. They will also be learning skill-related lessons which will certainly help them to compete in their daily and professional lives that we believe. It is also believed that the more we read, the more confident we feel. Exactly, in the same manner, the more they read, the more insights and constructive ideas they can collect for their writing job and others. This will also bring them closer to different sentence patterns.

The visitors of Read to Write will have a wide exposure to linguistic and literary content which, we believe, helps them show their remarkable presence in the mass of elite people in the global village. They will be learning lessons related to hard and soft skills, too. This website can come to their help to train themselves to be a good fit in their respective profession. This is how they can transform themselves from common people to advanced, confident, competitive and responsible citizens.


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Last updated: October 02, 2023