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Adjective: Use of Nouns After ANY


Any is a determiner which is used before a countable, uncountable, singular or plural noun.  A determiner identifies whether the area of a noun or noun phrase is definite or indefinite. Any indicates an indefinite amount or number. It can be followed by singular, plural or uncountable nouns. However, there is a difference in meaning with a singular noun and a plural noun. It is used in two ways.

    Any means: 

1. “not important to say how much/how many we’re thinking of” 

2. “it doesn’t matter who/what/which”

Since it suggests open, non-specific meaning, any is often used in negative and question clauses. It also sometimes means “if there is/are any” or “whatever there is/are”.

Meaning & Use_1

Any is used when we are not concerned with “how much/how many”. In this sense, it is followed by a plural or uncountable noun.


  • Have you got any books?
  • I don’t have any time.
  • You’re always asking for it. I don’t have any razor blades.                       

Meaning & Use_2

 Any also sometimes conveys the meaning “if there is/are” or “whatever there is/are”.


  • Point out any mistakes in my essay.
  • Any problems will be addressed by our team.
  • Please, call any students here. We’ve a short notice for them.                       

Meaning & Use_3

Any also suggests “It doesn’t matter who/what/which” to emphasize the idea of free choice. With this meaning, it often goes with singular countable nouns as well as plurals and uncountable nouns.


  • Any student can answer your question.
  • You can buy any mobile phone just to make and receive phone calls.

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