While learning anything, never be afraid of committing mistakes. Commit as many mistakes as you like since every unsuccessful attempt teaches you a new lesson and eventually leads you to a great triumph.#AKWords Difference between "Some time", "Sometime" & "Sometimes"

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Difference between "Some time", "Sometime" & "Sometimes"

In the English language, there are several words like stationary vs stationery, sympathy vs empathy, imply vs infer, definite vs definitive, etc. which often confuse non-native learners; and as a result, they often get stuck at that point, or even if they dare to use them, they commit mistakes. 

Like those aforementioned words, "some time", "sometime" and "sometimes" often puzzle language learners. Actually, these are adverbs which somehow may look synonymous, but the fact is they are different and used differently with different meanings. Out of these terms, "some" in "some time" is a determiner and when it comes before a noun like "time" plays the role of an adverb

Let us have a quick look at each from two different perspectives: meaning and use.

πŸ’  "some time" means "quite a long time


▶When we were in love, it took some time to understand each other. 

▶I'm afraid it'll take some time to repair your PC. 

πŸ’  "sometime" means "one day" (refers to an indefinite time, usually in the future) 


▶I had high hope that I'd definitely find a girl of my choice sometime in the future. 

▶Let's have dinner together sometime next week. 

πŸ’  "sometimes" means "on some occasions/more than one" (shows frequency) 


Sometimes in the night, I used to think about my would-be life partner. 

▶I sometimes went to the cinema when I lived in Janakpurdham.

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  1. This is a very useful information for me because I always used to get stuck or confused while using them. Now, I am very clear about the use of these terms.