While learning anything, never be afraid of committing mistakes. Commit as many mistakes as you like since every unsuccessful attempt teaches you a new lesson and eventually leads you to a great triumph.#AKWords Woman

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Once wandering through the dark;
Felt agony there; hark!
Remains long-ignored.

Bewildered to see her alone;
Thy malice shocking;
Pity on thou comes.

Rituals she abides by ever;
Shackle her feet all over;
Dares to break; but fails.

She's to fit men's Utopia;
Fails means ill-nurtured/natured;
Men strike fate on her birth.

Feeling cursed, she toils;
Yelling at her fate; look!
Twigs tears hiding pain.

Sympathy for her around;
Leaving her shivering;
Threats put her in hell. 

Futile words to console her;
Idleness she discerns;
Turns deaf; rises boldly.

Finds hopes and dreams get shattered;
Again stands and moves;
Fights hard to live here.

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  1. It is really beautiful poem about men"s thinking about women in our society.The women have to face so much difficulty and hurdles to move ahead. Thanks for it.

    1. I'm very thankful that this poem touches your heart. This is what I notice is surrounding women everywhere in this men's world.